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Beer Destinations: Huntsville, Alabama


To outsiders, Huntsville might seem like the least likely city to support a vibrant beer scene. Not only was Alabama the last state to legalize homebrewing in 2013, breweries and brewpubs couldn’t sell beer to go until June 2016. Yet, the city’s long history with beer eventually prevailed, and today local taps pour a variety of Huntsville brews.

10 Creative Interpretations of the Classic German Oktoberfest Lager


In beer halls and gardens throughout Bavaria, revelers raise frothy liters of amber colored lager each autumn to celebrate Oktoberfest. Brewed with the same precision as a finely tuned German automobile, märzens — as the beer style is called — tend to be malt forward with a clean finish from noble hops indigenous to Deutschland.

Why did Charlotte-based breweries form a new trade alliance?


Last April, I wrote about why so many breweries and brewers were moving to the Queen City to practice their craft. Morganton’s Catawba Brewing opened in the Belmont neighborhood, Pittsburgh’s Fat Head Brewery was eyeing a spot in South End, and Artisanal Brewing Ventures (the Southern Tier and Victory Brewing joint venture) was looking for property somewhere in town.

Behind the Beer: How Six Charlotte Brews Came To Be


“Customers would come into the homebrew store and go directly to the bearded guys with their questions and not the little blonde girl,” says Legion Brewing Company’s head brewer Alexa Long of her early days as a female in a male dominated industry. Back then, Long managed Alternative Beverage in South End, but little did those men know that the “little blonde girl” would soon brew one of Charlotte’s best-selling IPAs: Juicy Jay. “I would hand out samples of my home brew to brewery owners who would come into the shop, hoping to one day work as a brewer.”

Why are so many out-of-town breweries opening in Charlotte?


In 2014, Stone Brewing announced plans to open a brewery on the East Coast. To many of us in the Queen City, Charlotte seemed like the natural choice. After all, the city was home to Stone’s Most Arrogant Bar in America two years in a row.

Summit Brewing’s Straight-Shooter Mark Stutrud on 30 Years as a Craft Brewery


In the current climate of brewery growth, it’s easy to forget how difficult it was to open a brewery in the United States 30 years ago. Yet, Mark Stutrud, founder of St. Paul’s Summit Brewing, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this fall, nostalgically recounts the struggles he went through, starting with securing his initial funding.


Back to School: A Week-by-Week Guide to Eating Like a Kid Again


Adulting is difficult. Mortgage payments. Yardwork. Ever-looming retirement. Rearing children. Between taxiing kids to soccer practice, fighting over bedtime and making sure your teenager remembers to wear deodorant, there’s hardly a moment to breathe, let alone enjoy yourself. And when you finally do sit down to a relaxing dinner, it’s something heart healthy and doctor recommended.

Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe has a new chef — and a new direction


When I first met Chef Donnie Simmons, he was executive chef at the now closed Mandrake in Uptown. As we sat on the patio sharing a sampling of his signature dishes, I witnessed a chef that was proud — boastful even. His talk was full of ambition – Michelin Stars, James Beard Awards.

My Charlotte with Trey Wilson of Customshop


In 2007, Charlotte native Trey Wilson opened Customshop in what was then the fledgling neighborhood of Elizabeth. His story is one of community, survival and simple food. Ten years later, the chef and owner is ready to wow us with his new culinary dare, Flourshop.

Sweeten Up Your Valentine’s Day with Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe on Park Road


Whether you’re honoring a long-time relationship, a new fling, or your child’s classmates, the pressure of finding a creative and unique way to celebrate Cupid’s favorite day often results in one crafted more from stress than love. Sadly, that’s why many of us write Valentine’s Day off as a pointless Hallmark holiday. Who needs another red teddy bear or heart-shaped locket anyway?

How to Raise a Non-Picky Eater


When I think back to my favorite food memories, none surround convenience meals like Hamburger Helper or SpaghettiOs that my mother whipped together. The memories that stick out most are remembering when I was in the thick of the meal preparation with my grandparents.

7 Regional Pizza Types Found in the US


My Italian grandfather used to say that there were only two pizza types: good and better. While I agree with him in theory, my travels do not. Within the United States itself, pizza varies from region to region from thin and foldable slices of New York City’s finest to thick and gooey helpings of Chicago deep dish and everything in between.


The Ultimate Outdoor Fun Guide: From Beginner to Big League


Charlotte comes alive in the springtime. Locals flock to favorite outdoor spots like Freedom Park, where they can enjoy a picnic with the backdrop of bikers pedaling along the trails, or the U.S. National Whitewater Center, where they can sip a beer while adventurers carve up the rapids.

Tee Time: The Best Ways to Experience Golf in Charlotte


From the smell of morning dew and fresh-cut grass to the clink of the ball sent clipping through the air, nothing brings a smile to a golfer’s face like a day spent hitting the links beneath sunny skies. And with Charlotte’s pleasant, mild weather, golfing is a sport both locals and visitors are fortunate enough to enjoy year-round.

From Beaches to Mountains: Weekend Getaways from Charlotte


Even with all the attractions that Charlotte has to offer, Charlotteans have wandering souls – and bankers’ holidays – and enjoy hitting the road for weekend escapes from Charlotte to explore the rest of the great state of North Carolina.


Wilmington: Not Just a Beach Vacation


Planning a family vacation isn’t easy. There are so many interests to consider — your teenage daughter, your 8-year old son, your husband and, yes, you. Consider Wilmington for your next family excursion. Not only does it offer quick access to Wrightsville Beach (only a 15-minute drive away), Wilmington also boasts plenty of other activities that appeal to multiple members of the family.

8 Tips for Planning A Babymoon


Your two is about to become a three. With the big news comes a lot of planning as you shift into hyper-mode. Those carefree weekends are now dedicated to assembling contraptions for the nursery, making countless trips to Babies “R” Us for everything you forgot and attending a semester worth of parenting classes.

10 Exciting Things to do in Alabama’s Gulf Shores with Kids


Okay, ladies. I have some brutal honesty that I need to share. We males need a little more excitement on family vacations. High tea at a swanky hotel? Not our thing. Character parades? They’re cute for a few minutes, but then it’s…meh. And don’t even get me started on shopping. We men desire something more.


Forward Thinking Fare


Ask Charlotteans about their favorite local dishes, and they’ll most likely respond with a lengthy list of options ranging from an authentic fried chicken from Price’s Chicken Coop to a steaming bowl of ramen from Futo Buta. This culinary scene mixes the new with the old, southern fried with more than a dash of international spice and local talent with a melting pot of transplants. Stirred together, you have a culinary scene that’s exciting, authentic and most definitely delicious.

The Coast Goes Beyond the Beach


My wife and I are world travelers—safari in Africa, wine tasting in Tuscany, temple exploration in Thailand—but then, our duo became a trio. The thought of trading our adventures gallivanting around the globe for a stateside coastal vacation sounded unnaturally tame. We weren’t “beach people.” But a few years ago, we learned about Wilmington, North Carolina and the three nearby beaches. You know what? We didn’t just like it; we loved it so much we became repeat offenders—er, beachgoers. Alongside the miles and miles of beaches on which to play, we discovered plenty of culture, adventure and educational activities to invigorate our wandering souls.

24 Hours in Steele Creek


The vibrant Steele Creek neighborhood is located in the southwest corner of Charlotte. This gateway to the glistening waters of Lake Wylie and the Catawba River dates back to the 1700s but has enjoyed booming growth in recent years.

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